Vikaspedia is a “multilingual one-stop knowledge portal” that targets specific country needs for achieving an inclusive social development. It catalyzes the use of information and Communications Terchnology (ICT) for collaboration and knowledge sharing among development stakeholders – Government, NGOs and Private Sectors.

Vikaspedia, emphasizing on key areas of social development, provides responsive and credible information products and services in local languages catering to the needs of under served communities. It also provides a framework for collaborative content creation and information dissemination.

Vikaspedia is available in all 22 scheduled languages of India besides English. Information services related to key livelihood sectors (initially the six sectors of Agriculture, Education, Health, Social welfare, Energy and E-Governance) are currently available in the portal. The portal is also made mobile compliant, thereby enhancing the access and dissemination of information through mobiles.

Centre for Rural Development is the state nodal Agency supporting Vikaspedia Assam since 2013. Our primary objective is to provide domain specific information to the local people in their own language, make them understand & create awareness, using Information Technology and get benefited for their regualr day to day support. Educating the end user on various issues in the identified six domains and enabling use of information and communication technologies as the means of information services availability/ accessibility to common man. We have covered 480 outreach activities till date, touching Various KVK’s, Agriculture Universities, Departmental heads of the State & District’s in mentioned domain’s, Schools, Colleges, various NRC’s, ICAR’s, Gram Panchayat, Rural Development Agency, Social Group’s & covered Central government identified Aspirational districts along with other states of North East. Vikaspedia Assam is currently most viewed Assamese site across the Globe. There is no site in Assamese Language which covered wide area of development issues & uploaded more than 50,000 pages approximately in various domains Like – Agriculture, Health, Education, Social Welfare, and Power & E- Governance. Along with that we are promoting Government schemes & area specific details to support & connect each corner of the state & people as crowd sourcing site. Our content contributors are common people sharing their success stories & experience in various fields. Vikaspedia provides an opportunity to all common people to connect to the global opportunities, directly connecting government officials to understand all welfare & various people oriented policy, agriculture related queries and getting answers from the expert group, various health related issues answering by Sr. Group of Healthcare Officials . It provides power to common people asking questions in discussions forum. As a State nodal agency we are connecting to the crowd of the state & digitizing every possible corner, making people aware & taking advantage of modern digital technology.

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Centre for Rural Development

Centre for Rural Development is a non profit organization with a concept of building better future for the people of india.