Scholarship Project

The goal of this project is to help students in Assam stay in school, even when there is family financial hardship. To do this, we provide judicious monetary assistance and mentoring to the students in support from Assam Foundation of North America (AFNA). We work with schools that have dedicated teams with whose help we have selected needy students. The fund which we have received from AFNA is supported in an area where the poor and backward people children get some kind of help which they looking for. Therefore, we decided to provide a scholarship to those children who were economically poor and backward and their parent unable to give them any kind of support in their day to day life. So as per plan CRD had selected few educational institutions in Assam. From these institutions we have selected few students and given them a sum of money as a scholarship so that they can carry their study smoothly. Students from different poor family have been benefited immensely through these schemes. CRD has always been trying to help those sections of people who are poor and economically backward and needed help from society.


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Centre for Rural Development

Centre for Rural Development is a non profit organization with a concept of building better future for the people of india.