World Environment Day Observed 2014

We Centre for Rural Development(CRD) have been observing world environment day every year on its birth day 5th June keeping in mind its relevant and important now a days where global warming has already make its impact on earth. To create awareness as well as sending message to society about hygienic environment benefit we have been observing the day with more practical way organizing Rickshaw rally which is well recognized only environment friendly transport system in the world. Centre for Rural Development has always emphasizes on how environment can be protected in 20th first century which seems almost impossible to achieve in a modern era. We have organized a Rickshaw rally on that day where more than 300 rickshaw puller took part in that rally.

The rally was flagged off by GMC chairperson Mr.S.Biswanathan and it was started from Khanapara and concluded in Dispur last gate. There are many well known person who have took part on that really and their participants make these really even more fruitful. The rally actual motto was to send a message to the society about making pollution free environment which can be achieved by using like deep bhahan richakhaw which is one of the best fuel less convenient transport system in the world. We all know that our environment has been affected badly by pollution which is being created by different vehicle run in the road by the common people. Therefore we urge people to not use their vehicle on that day for at least one hour and contribute towards the healthy environment which is so relevant now a day. We all knew the real fact that the environmental problem are too big to be managed by individual or group but one should easily can take care of environment by many ways like planting trees, not using motor-vehicles etc.Centre for rural development has been trying to bring some changes in the societies by organizing such program where some effort was made by us to bring some awareness about important of hygienic friendly environment.


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