Livelihood integration Program At Goalpara 2014

We all knew that last year in Assam devastating flood has damage adversely in the district of Goalpara, Assam where thousands of family became homeless due to sudden flood. More than 70% people of the district had been suffered badly due to flood where many of among them have lost their life. It is difficult to imagine how natural disaster could become a devastating without being physically visited the affected site. We centre for rural development and local NGO Purbanchal Circle Goalpara jointly made a little effort to bring back those smiles in the faces of who have lost its glimpse in recent flood where many rural poor people of Goalpara district have lost everything whatever they had. To provided some assistance to affected people, we both Centre for rural development(CRD) and local ngo “Purbanchal circle” organized a Livelihood integration program in Agya,Goalpara district where different livelihood item were being provided to the affected people .Many affected people of Goalpara district have been covered under this livelihood integration program where hens, spinning wheels,etc were being distributed among them to carry their life forward once again after flood has left nothing for them.Mr Subhash Sarmah Board member of Centre for rural development(CRD) was attended in that programs where he expressed his view about how people should react in whenever such sudden natural disaster occurred and what are the immediate safety measure need to be taken in such scenario. After that Mr.Pankaj Neog project coordinator Centre for rural development expressed his view about how such livelihood integration programs can make a huge positive impact on the society as well as affected people life without having any doubat.At the closing ceremony of the programs all the livelihood item had been distributed among the affected people by the Centre for rural development (CRD) representative and people shown their acknowledgement towards their little effort.

As per routine program the second phase of livelihood integration program was held at Goalpara district in the month of febuary2015.These programs main objective was to provide necessary support to the remaining affected people of the recent flood which took place in Goalpara district, of Assam. In that devastating flood more than 70 thousand people of rural Goalpara district had been affected badly and they have lost their everything. We Centre for Rural Development (CRD) and Purbanchal Circle had taken a joint initiative to extend our selfless help, support carry to those affected people who were being made helpless by recent devastating flood. More or less we have tried to cover almost all affected people under this livelihood programs through which we have try to make them economically sound once again after flood had taken away everything from them. In the second phase of the programs we have distributed same number of different, hens, spinning wheels etc to each and every remaining affected people. Its gives us immense pleasure to be part of such programs where full effort has been made towards uplift the socio-economic status of the poor rural people once again after recent flood has left nothing for them. In that programs Centre for Rural Development (CRD) board member Mr.Subhash Sarmah and Mr. Pankaj Neog coordinator Vikaspedia, have attended the program and shared their thought about such livelihood integration programs and its actual social motto.


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