Summer Internship Assam (SIPA) Project 2014

To provide optional technical hand on training season in order to make student a skillful person in future, Centre for rural development(CRD) and Assam foundation of North America(AFNA) took a initiative to organize a internship program for the different BPL student in a month of May 2014.The main objective of the program was to provide a basic different technical skill as well as the much needed work experience culture which would help student immensely in the process of making their future career in many ways. In these project we have selected two renown educational intuition student one is “prarijat” Guwahati, and another one is “Pragarlya” jorhat. From these intuition few student had been selected for the program and related technical skill and work experience opportunity was provided to them with free of cost in the Rickshaw bank factory at Guwahati. These students were being given practically hand on training on Rickshaw manufacturing tools where they have been thought about how rickshaw make and what are the machine & tools are being used on it. We all know that such training program always helps overall growth of the student which enables them to catch up their future goals more easily. We Centre for Rural Development always feel pleased to provide such opportunity to student where experience, exposure is being given to the student in order to make their future career more fruitful. We given thanks to AFNA for their support to making this interne program successful one and we both parties planning to organized more such program in future.


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