NARMIL (Natural Resource Management and Integrated Livelihood), a new and integrated approach for community based rural development and natural resource conservation would be tasted involving demand-driven integrated micro planning to develop community livelihood opportunities in both forest and non forest activities and improve linkage between forest communities and market for non timber forest products.The concept of Joint Forest Management Committee (JFMC) Participatory Forest Management was initiated in the year 2005 under World Bank funded titled Natural Resource Management and Integrated livelihood (NaRMIL). In Kamrup district 6 JFMC were restructured and nurtured with the object improving sustainable livelihood of the communities through integrated approach of rural development and natural resource conversation in forest fringe communities within the broader framework of AACP through participatory planning implementation and monitoring.

The AACP had started to work with the concept of joint forest management since 2005 with 6 JFMCs and on 2008 the number of JFMC was 8 nos. in Kamrup district but on seeing the progress of the project the ARIAS society has increased 2 more JFMCs in 2009. Therefore in 2009 CRD started with two new JFMCs viz. Pokapam-Bogaline JFMC in the Loharghat Range of Kamrup West Division and Dewan Beel JFMC in the Kulsi range of Kamrup West Division. The both JFMC started their plantation works during June-August during this financial period.

Apart from the above activities in the project there is another effect that has been observed in the locality of the project areas. Once before implementation of the project the people had a fear to speak in public. But after the intervention of the NGOs in the grass root level they have got a number of information on income generating activities and various government schemes. Besides these, the reserved area inhabitants have been well trained on various income generating activities such as bee keeping, rearing of pig, food processing etc. This has enabled the villagers to gain confidence and come forward for conducting different developmental activities. The development of their village infrastructure is worth mentioning. As entry point activity the project renovated the village roads up to four kilometres, built community hall for arranging meeting and cultural programmes, prepared people’s nursery through which the locals has been benefited by selling the saplings.

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